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  • *Welcome to the Underdusk - a world where life and light are fading away into the dark night, though it was not always this way. Something happened, and the Dark consumed the world. And now, even your memories are beginning to fade. Can you find your lost locket, and fulfill one last wish, or will you go quietly into that dark night?


Grab powerups. Explore. Uncover secrets. Jump, dodge, and outmaneuver your enemies. Find the Collect all the mysterious orbs and achieve your victory.

Controls - Arrows move. X or Up arrow to jump. Down Arrow to enter doors. Esc - menu. Tab - show collected orbs. P - pause.


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Really nice game, remember trying it a few times ages ago but never really finishing it.
Just now I played it from start to end for the first.

Great gsme, even though it takes quite a while to find everything :-)

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I've had this game for years and STILL return to it!
It has such excellent atmosphere, sound and control.
I haven't beat it yet but I'm sure I will someday.

I came here to ask if you might ever consider doing a sequel to this?
I would definitely buy it! Maybe rereleasing this version with updated
compatibility (a Linux build would rock!) and a few new features
for starters would gain some attention as well.

I have a feeling not many people know about this gem of a game.
If true, it's a shame, because it really is awesome and one of the few
games I keep going back to again and again, years later.

LINUX users: Use WINE v3.17-STAGING to get it working,
newer versions of WINE don't work for me.

Looks like you are in luck MENTD, I am nearly done with a complete remake of Into the Underdusk - available on Steam soon! Check it out, and let me know what you think. Cheers.


WOW WOW WOW!!! Will you release on GOG or ITCH?

Super excited for this!

Yes. I am working on releasing on itch.io as we speak. 

AWESOME !!! I'm buying as soon as it's up! 8)


Luv it, keep up your work Mr Zaco!

Very nice game!