Into The Underdusk ReMake coming to Steam!

Into the Underdusk was always a project I was passionate about. I have been making games for many years, and now I feel comfortable enough to give Underdusk the release it deserves. Into the Underdusk: Remake is a complete re-imagining of the original project built from the ground up with all new systems, graphics, music, and gameplay but keeping the original style and thematic elements in place. The game will soon be released on Steam, and then other platforms such as, gamejolt, and even Nintendo Switch. 

I welcome you to check out the Steam page, and please offer any feedback you might have. I wish you all the best in your game development endeavors and thank you for checking out Into The Underdusk: Remake.

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The original Into the Underdusk is a game I still go back to play every now and
then, it really has awesome atmosphere and playability!
I hope you plan on releasing the new remake on GOG or here on ITCH.IO, do you?
Is it possible you may do a Linux version?
If I can download from GOG or ITCH I will definitely be purchasing asap!

Wow I am super excited for this! Into the Underdusk is one of my favorite exploration platformers, and was an inspiration for my own gamedev designs, along with Skelemania and You Have to Win the Game. The remake looks and sounds great!

I'm really glad you are looking forward to it. It's nearly ready for release! Check out the steam page and don't forget to wishlist! Cheers.